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VE Day Celebrations around our Homes

As well as the bunting and celebrations around our homes on VE day, staff and young people took a quiet moment to reflect on what people did to help Britain bring the conflict to an end 75 years ago and to express their gratitude. There were plenty of very British afternoon teas to share and one of our Bedfordshire homes even started off the day by delivering cream teas to other homes. What a lovely gesture!

The young people at another of our homes sat outside with neighbours (whilst observing social distancing, of course) and raised a glass of non-alcoholic fizz when the church bells rang out. The young people enjoyed participating in the event and went for a stroll through the village to see all of the beautiful decorations.

In true "make do and mend" style, homes made their own bunting and enjoyed BBQs, coffee, cakes and lots of fun outdoors.

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