Oracle activity impresses Jamie Oliver!

In February we shared news of the 'Come Dine With Me' event that took place, full of excitement and anticipation on what the young people would cook.

The event was, yet again, a great success however we were not the only ones who were excited about it. We were delighted to hear from chef Jamie Oliver (MBE) and how impressed he was with the activity.
As everyone knows, Jamie is an advocate of teaching young people the key skills of cooking and enjoyment of food. He was made aware of the event and we did not expect the response we got!

Jamie sent a lovely letter to each of the youngsters involved to celebrate the hard work and time each youngster put in, which we put together with a copy of his 'Five Ingredients' cook book.

When talking out the event Jamie and his team said,

"It sounds like you're doing some pretty amazing things! What a fantastic idea and fantastic effort the boys and yourself have made - everyone here at Jamie HQ is super impressed."

Our youngsters were excited and shocked with their gifts and were surprised to find out that Jamie had heard about their youngster said, "this is cool!"

Events and responses like this show our staff and young people how amazing they are and how our child focused care really does make a difference!

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