Family Safety Week

Accidents are the biggest killer of children and young people in today's society!

Each year The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents shines a spotlight on a different safety topic, sharing advice and free resources, therefore this week our homes have been focused on Family Safety Week and drawn the young peoples attentions to being safe in and around the 'family' home.

Rather than focusing on one specific area of safety throughout all our homes our staff have looked at things important to the youngsters. In saying this one home looked at water safety, and how to be careful around ongoing works outside the home, as the pavement and road are being worked on by a utility company.
Another home looked at fire safety using a website aimed at teenagers. In doing this the young people shared their understanding of fire safety and how to protect themselves and the home including fire drills, following health and safety guidelines, having fire alarms, fire doors and fire extinguishers.

Whereas walking to and from school safely was the theme of conversations with some youngsters looking at keeping safe. This included issues around stranger danger, crossing roads etc, use of mobile phones - phoning home before they leave school, organising meeting points and setting times to meet.

This approach has meant that the discussions were tailored to each young person and safety issues that they could relate to.

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