Down on the Farm - Stockley Farm Visit

The weather may have been cold and wet but it certainly did not dampen the spirits of our young people who spent the day at Stockley Farm in Cheshire. The youngsters and staff from our Congleton Oracle School were all wrapped up for a day at the farm and had a fantastic time. The day included a look at how an organic farm is run, in particular a dairy farm and how that differs from a normal farm, this meant the young people got to meet the dairy cows and calves, along with other animals on the farm such as the sheep and goats. They went on to look at the milking parlour and the procedures for milking the cows and explaining how they kept the cows welfare at the heart of this process. For the second part of the day they took a tractor ride around the estate where the farm is based, discussing how farming had developed over the last 100 years with regards to machinery and imagined a day’s work on a dairy farm then and now... the very early start was a shock to the youngsters! Afterwards the students went to look at the polly tunnels to see how having these affects the variety of vegetables grown on the farm and talk about how seasonal foods affects our diets and so as a result we looked at food miles linking in with recent lessons in school. To top the day off the students received a hot chocolate or an ice cream made on the farm using their organic produce from the cows they had met earlier. The highlight of the day was meeting the baby goat Coco and her mum Fudge!

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