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Pupils from Bedford School Participate in Stargazing event

Stargazing at Robinson College, Cambridge University

Pupils from our Bedford School participated in a half term Stargazing Event organised by the Realise Project for Looked-after Children at the University of Cambridge and Institute of Astronomy. Pupils enjoyed a session of 'Human Bingo' based on What is a University? and a talk about how pupils who are 'care experienced' can be helped throughout their university careers, should they wish to attend after leaving school or college. Really helpful information on grants, bursaries and other packages available to them was also given. An interesting tour of Robinson College followed, which included a visit to the garden, social areas, and the awe-inspiring chapel. The party was treated to a tasty dinner, followed by a visit to the Institute of Astronomy lecture theatre and observatory. A leading researcher in the field, Matt, gave a talk about the solar system, planets and stars and everyone learned some really interesting space facts. The level of questioning from the children was really impressive. We were able to handle a real meteorite which had been whizzing around space and then came the most exciting part of all - viewing galaxies through a million-pound telescope.

A great opportunity for our young people and one which they very much enjoyed!

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