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What's going on in our science classes...?

Two of our pupils have been working on an investigation using Minions to find out if the Minion in the middle of a huddle stays the warmest. This task gave them the opportunity to look at safety and fair testing.

The investigation involved 14 individual Minion cups each of which contained the same amount of hot water, The students used digital thermometers to check the water temperature and decided upon the time intervals to record the results.They subsequently discussed the results and conclusion, and were able to ensure it was a fair test. They then wrote up a full science investigation. Great work guys!

In later lessons, this will be linked to how penguins help to keep each other warm in a big huddle during freezing temperatures.

Our Key Stage 4 group has just completed a AQA required practical (towards their GCSE Science) which involved learning how to use microscopes and draw scientific pictures of their findings. Well done all!

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