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Anti-Bullying Week 2018

This years 'Anti-Bullying Week' did not go unmarked with the youngsters at Oracle.

The theme of 'Respect' was highlighted by the Anti-Bullying Alliance this year but this is something that Oracle Care and Education hold a lot of focus on in the day-to-day relationships between our staff and young people.
Our dedicated and experienced teams support the young people in our care, helping them to feel safe, giving them a sense of belonging, the opportunity to grow and develop, alongside developing a mutual respect and understanding.

One group of youngsters linked their ASDAN work to this weeks anti-bullying theme by doing a piece of personal journey art work. This is based on Aboriginal art from Australia who use symbols to represent the journeys they take. Part of the task was to then speak to the group explaining what they have drawn and why, and been respectful of each others thoughts and opinions. Often, through tasks like these, stories link to very personal issues and events, which is when our youngsters need to be understanding and tolerant of each other.

While another group looked at 'Purple Tuesday' to help promote disability awareness as an anti-bully subject, i.e people getting bullied for having a disability. The group watched and discussed the videos on the Purple Tuesday website.

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