What's going on in our science classes...?

Two of our pupils have been working on an investigation using Minions to find out if the Minion in the middle of a huddle stays the warmest. This task gave them the opportunity to look at safety and fair testing.

The investigation involved 14 individual Minion cups each of which contained the same amount of hot water, The students used digital thermometers to check the water temperature and decided upon the time intervals to record the results.They subsequently discussed the results and conclusion, and were able to ensure it was a fair test. They then wrote up a full science investigation. Great work guys!

In later lessons, this will be linked to how penguins help to keep each other warm in a big huddle during freezing temperatures.

Our Key Stage 4 group has just completed a AQA required practical (towards their GCSE Science) which involved learning how to use microscopes and draw scientific pictures of their findings. Well done all!

Former Oracle School Pupil passes Construction course with a Distinction

We were pleased to hear the news today that one of our former pupils has passed his City & Guilds Level 1 in Construction with a distinction.

Excellent news! All the hard work has paid off. Well done, J!

Bedford School Exam Results

Following the release of the 2019 exam results all of our staff are really proud of the hard work and resilience shown by the year 11 at our Bedford School. There has been a big step forward this year with 50% more pupils sitting and passing their exams when compared with last year. This is an excellent result and shows how well the staff and pupils have worked together to ensure that they can still achieve. We wish all our leavers the very best for their continuing studies and their journey into adulthood.

Wonderful Memories - Leavers Assembly

We’d like to thank everybody for a leavers assembly that will form a wonderful memory for those moving on and also for those who took part. The event was opened by the Head Teacher, who then introduced a series of slides looking back at the students through their time at the school. The guest speaker, Dr Fenella Quinn, also gave a touching speech about the leavers and their achievements.

A number of awards were handed out. There were awards for Most Consistent Student, Most Improved Social Skills, Clear Vision & Purpose in Mind and an Achievement Award in Maths and English together with many others. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the assembly in which all their hard work and effort was rewarded.

A special touch was speeches given by two young people who are leaving the school to go to college placements. They wrote speeches and bravely read them out; their thoughts and feedback were heart felt and moving,

"I have learned so much from everybody and have had valuable life lessons and I have enjoyed every minute here in the company of such wonderful people".

"My time here has been indescribable.

"It's all been an amazing time, it really has, but I only have one thing to say to each and every one of you in this room is that you can only become accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you!"

To top things off a video from the school staff talking and saying good bye to the students played giving everybody, including those who couldn’t make it, a chance to give their words of wisdom and to talk about some of their memories. After a vote of thanks, the assembly tucked into the refreshments and had the chance to chat to staff and students about this successful celebration.

Big Bang STEM Event 2019

On Wednesday 18th June our Cheshire pupils went to the Big Bang Event held at Staffordshire University and had an amazing day!

The young people went into two lectures and actively engaged in a number of small hands-on activities run by local further education establishments and employers.

The STEM activities were a great way for our young people to sample different learning experiences in real life context, while also talking to colleges, universities and employers from the West Midlands region.

The first lecture involved a rapper delivering science through rap music and one of our youngsters even had the confidence to get up in front of 100 people to dance to fortnite music as part of the interaction! The second lecture was about drug investigations and how to identify unknown samples using chromatography and computer database analysis.

As the young people moved around the university campus they enjoyed participating in different activities including coding, key hole surgery simulation and using a radiography machine. They quickly realised that key hole surgery is not as easy as it looks on the television, however one of our pupils did come fourth in the coding challenge.

A fun, active and informative day was had by both pupils and staff!

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