Fun, Fun and Family

As ever our young people have been very active over the half term holiday.

Trips to Alton Towers, London and Mercedes World all took place togeher with lots of outdoor activities. Our youngsters enjoyed their woodland walks and visits to the local parks, which included one youngster impressively managing to complete a 23 mile bike ride!

During this holiday cooking and food was very much on the agenda, with many developing their cooking and baking skills with BBQ's and cake making. While these are exciting activities for the young people to take part in they are also developing their independent skills in a manner that they enjoy. It's within these nuturing environments, with child focused activities, we see them blossom into positive, self-confident individuals.

Alongside this some of our youngsters took the opportunity to have family contact and for those making a planned transition back to family this was a very important and positive step.

As always every day was used to it's fulest and as they return to school for the summer term they will be sharing their holiday news with staff and peers.

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