Easter Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt arrived at two of our homes over Easter. Two of our Bedfordshire homes completed a Bargain Hunt challenge in their local area with exciting results.

The young people were put into teams, given a £20 budget and asked to return with four items,

-Something old
-Something one of their carers could wear
-Something that represents their home
-A mystery item

The young people enjoyed the challenge and the CEO was invited to judge the winners. Not only did they find great times but they worked together with a budget to put their independence skills to the test.

Our CEO and judge for the event, Steve Bromley, said,

"It was a brilliant idea and a brilliant day and thoroughly enjoyed by young people and staff.I absolutely loved it!"

The day also included an Easter Egg Hunt and lunch at which everyone celebrated how the staff and young people worked together from different homes.

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