Celebrating Social Workers

Today is World Social Worker Day on which the efforts, dedication and commitment shown by social workers all over the world are recognised.

Many of our young people have a social worker who does their best to ensure that they are safeguarded from harm, help to improve the outcomes in young people's lives, and act as guides and advocates.

Without social workers by their sides many young people would have no-one they could relay on, or trust, to do what is in their best interests.

We are pleased to work with many fantastic professionals, and know that the relationship they have with the youngsters and ourselves are crucial in nurturing, guiding and building a better future for each and every young person.

Developing Potential

The vast majority of our young people take part in extra-curricular activities for the enrichment of skills, enjoyment and well-being.

One of our youngsters has recently been attending football sessions every week with First Division Football Club and received high praise regarding their achievements and talent.

Due to those talents they have been asked to attend a development centre which is aimed at helping them to realise their potential. This pathway has recently shown how it works by producing players that are currently playing, as professional footballers, in Premier League Clubs such as Manchester United and QPR.

This is such a great achievement for a young person and shows that they can follow guidance, co-operate and work towards an outcome with their team-mates. A proud moment for the young person themselves and the Oracle staff, showing that through nuturing and high expectations anything is possible!

Shrove Tuesday Celebrations

Yesterday evening our young people celebrated Shrove Tuesday with some delicious pancakes topped with healthy fruit. Our staff took the opportunity to open a discussion about the meaning behind the celebration and how it marks the start of Lent. Everyone had an enjoyable evening.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Many of our staff and young people got involved in bringing a smile to someone's face through a random act of kindness over the course of the week leading up to Random Acts of Kindness Day.

One of our homes started the week off by showing a small kindness to each of their young people,, who then reciprocated by showing a kindness to someone else. One of these was a lovely tribute to a member of the care team, and another was a little bedtime treat. Staff showed consideration to each other for example by unexpectedly covering an early shift for a colleague, and another helped a stranger who was struggling to carry his shopping to the car.

Well done to everyone - it's been great hearing your stories.

Art and Creativity

Once again our young people are surprising us with their artist talents. This young person highlighted their love of cars through sketches.

There is a wealth of research that demonstrates how arts and culture improve the well-being, health and lifestyles of young people.

It is nice to see our youngsters express themselves in the variety of ways they do, but particularly in ways which we can all enjoy like art.

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