Christmas Cheer

The festive period may feel like a distant memory however our young people moved into the New Year with positive happy memories of the Christmas period.

The schools, homes and offices were full of Christmas cheer and all had a great time. Our youngsters took part in festive themed lessons and celebrations at school including sitting down together over home cooked food. While in the homes there was more food, Oracle 'family' time celebrating together and the sharing of gifts.

Some young people took the opportunity to spend extended time with families and ensured that their contact was special, while others enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at the homes and even hitting the shops for the sales bargains.
Times like this are special and help to create memories that everyone, both young people and staff, will take with them throughout their journey.

Artistic Ability

It feels only right to share the artistic talents of one of our young people.

This young person has been demonstrating how good they are at art through working with a member of care staff.

The young person likes the two chart toppers drawn, went to a festival in the summer holidays and had the excitement of meeting Shawn Mendes....amazing!

Count down to Christmas

Our staff and young people are getting very excited. Now it is December we can officially say that Christmas is nearly upon us.

As with all youngsters, our young people were all looking forward to putting up the Christmas trees and getting into the Christmas spirit.

They have even themed the activities programme into a '24 days of Christmas list' with an exciting line up of fun, films and family enjoyment! Such a lovely time of year to enjoy being together and creating positive happy memories.

We even have an extra young person staying as a temporary guest at one home.....let's just hope he follows the house rules!

Remembrance Sunday

Remembering those people who help us every day, and those who give their lives to enable us to live in a safer world, was the topic of conversation and activities within our homes this weekend.

Young people often find these things difficult to talk about and understand, however through creative thinking facilitated by our staff, the young people talked about Remembrance Sunday while making cake and poppies.

One group of young people created their own poppies and put them on display outside their home which was lovely.

Another group made an edible chocolate trench.

Often it's through creativity and discussion that young people feel comfortable to have discussions about such unpleasant or difficult topics.

World Quality Day - A Question of Trust!

As an organisation we strive for excellence in all aspects of our care, education and therapy, the basis of which relies heavily on building a positive, effective and respectful trust between the staff and young people alike.

We aim to be a beacon of best quality and practice for the best outcomes.
Th vast majority of young people state that they feel safe and know that they always have someone to talk to within Oracle, in fact when asked about what keeps them safe one young person said:

"Myself, the staff and the healthy environment around me”...none of which would happen without TRUST!

Thanks to Sue Tucker for her interpretation of the Oracle Model.

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